New Study Shows CBD Has Relaxing & Calming Properties

Everywhere you click these days, it seems like someone on the internet is talking about cannabidiol—also known as CBD, a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. You create endocannabinoids, and these endocannabinoids bind themselves to cannabinoid receptors that are neurotransmitters in your nervous system. That said, there are proponents for both types of CBD formats who claim that either product is highly effective at alleviating pain. When creating a CBD for pain regimen, one should aim for maximum relief.

This priority includes making sure consumers know about products that put their health and safety at greatest risk, such as those claiming to prevent, diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure serious diseases. The herbs St. John’s Wort and goldenseal can also stop CYP450 enzymes from working properly, as can grapefruit and starfruit juice, and even tobacco.

People all over the world are using CBD (aka cannabidiol) for a number of conditions, including (but not limited to) anxiety, chronic pain, seizure disorders, arthritis, headaches, PTSD, and even leaky gut and IBS. Hemp oil can also make some drugs more effective. Unless an employee is using the sole FDA-approved medical product, Epidiolex, a confirmed positive for THC means that the employee has probably ingested THC – even though they may have assumed that a CDB product would not result in a positive test or lead to any sort of impairment.

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